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Individualised Reading Workshop

Dyslexia Australia supports a non-phonics based, Multisensory approach to dyslexia or a reading disorder in a caring, patient, flexible and supportive environment.  Dyslexia Australia can help should you be seeking an alternative to a phonics tutoring approach.   Learning Solution services provided in Queensland and other areas in Australia or overseas if requested.

Research shows phonics is a component to the early stages of learning to read. New research shows if your child continues to struggle with a phonics-based approach after year 2 then an alternative needs to be considered. (see FAQ)

We work closely with children and parents to develop  individualised strategies that will directly address your child’s literacy challenges.

Course details in brief:
Individualised, specialised solution using a non-phonics based approach
New reading techniques
Comprehension skills
Reading fluency and accuracy
Visual recognition strategies
Eye tracking
Vocabulary strengthening
The workshop is provided one-on-one in a stress free environment
Training for a family member or tutor for support at home.

NOTE:  It is important for the parents to support the post program work for continued success as the child moves through school. A parent and child commitment are a pre-requisite to acceptance into the reading workshop.

The Reading Workshop is provided one-on-one in our office in Springwood (near Brisbane) or a mobile service is provided for clients in other areas of Queensland, Northern NSW, Canberra and other regional areas (additional fees apply).

Introducing online help – suitability to the online option must be determined prior to acceptance.

Please contact us for details and fee structure.

Seminars And Teacher Workshops

Please contact us for details. Dyslexia Australia provides seminars to interested groups or seminars and workshops to schools.

Diagnostic Testing for Learning Disorders and ADD/ADHD/ASD

Dyslexia Australia offers affordable assessments by an independent registered Psychologist with specialist training in Learning Disorders such as dyslexia.  Assessment includes testing for:

Screening for ADHD/ADD or Diagnostic testing for ADD/ADHD/ASD

New Packages offered: ADHD/ADD and ASD Diagnostic Assessment (one session): $995.00 in Springwood or Helensvale (QLD) or by Telehealth for $1,195.

ADHD Screening assessment (one session): this screening assessment does not provide a diagnosis. The assessment is a screening tool to provide a detailed report as to whether there is a risk of ADHD/ADD screeening(non diagnostic). $795.00 for assessment and report in Springwood or Helensvale (QLD) or by Telehealth for $895.00. See attached for more information.

Fees increasing June 30, 2024. 

Reading Disorders (Dyslexia) 

  • Word reading accuracy
  • Reading rate or fluency
  • Reading comprehension

Written expression 

  • Spelling accuracy
  • Grammar and Punctuation accuracy
  • Clarity or organisation of written expression

Optional: Math Disorder (Dyscalculia)

  • Number sense
  • Memorisation of arithmetic facts
  • Accurate or fluent calculation
  • Accurate math reasoning

We assess Attention deficit disorder:

  • ADHD Inattentive presentation
  • ADHD Hyperactive/ Impulsive presentation
  • ADHD Combined presentation

Diagnostic Testing Options in Brief:

To avoid a fee increase, please book an assessment date before June 30, 2024

Package 1: Comprehensive Assessment (one Session). See attached for more information.

Brief summary:
Assessment for Dyslexia, Written Expression, Math, ADD/ADHD/ASD as outlined above.

Face to Face Assessments in Springwood or Helensvale (QLD) Costs $995.00-$1,495.00

Telehealth Assessments are offered in Australia Wide and in some overseas areas. Cost: $1,195.00-$1,595.00 

Fees will increase June 30, 2024

Deposit of $300 is required within 24 hours of booking. 

Package 2: Advanced Assessment (2 separate sessions). See attached for more information

Brief summary:
Personalised assessment.  The core assessments are typically the same as Package 1 with add on services, or assessments which are agreed upon at the time of booking. Please ring us to discuss your needs. 

Face to Face Assessment in Springwood or Helensvale (Qld) Cost: $1,495.00

Telehealth Assessment are offered Australia Wide and in some overseas areas. Cost: $1,595.00 

Fees will increase June 30, 2024

Fees subject to change without notice.

Deposit/cancellation brief:

Deposits: $300 within 24 hours of booking


Face-to-face: less than 5 working days written notice, the deposit will be retained and the client may be responsible for the balance.  Please contact us for our terms and conditions.

Telehealth – less than 7 working days written notice, the deposit will be retained and the client may be responsible for the balance.  Please contact us for our terms and conditions.

Note: Profiling, Dyslexia Screen Assessments, Pre-Screen or Pre-testing are tools used as a first step and should not be considered as an answer or formal assessment of a students’ learning difficulties. Normally, these assessments look only at reading and not the other Learning Disabilities or disorders.

Personal Consultations

Face to face or online consultations available. 

Note: Fees apply to our services. Pre-screening or on-line assessments are used only as a guide or a resource to assist parents or teachers.

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