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What is Dyslexia?

Currently, there is no proven cause of Dyslexia. There are many theories, but no exact cause has been established. (refer to FAQ for more information)

There are many definitions for dyslexia however there is no universally accepted definition. The DSM V (The Diagnostic Manual used by Psychologists) describes Dyslexia as follows:

315.00 Impairment in reading:

  • Word reading accuracy
  • Reading rate
  • Reading Comprehension

Note: Dyslexia is an alternative term used to refer to a pattern of learning difficulties characterised by problems with accurate and fluent word recognition, poor decoding, and poor spelling abilities.

Oxford Dictionary:

A disorder involving difficulty in learning to read words, letters and other symbols.

Dyslexia literally means ‘trouble with words’. It is the term used to describe difficulties with spelling, writing and reading. The challenges can come in many different forms and are not limited to reversals of letters and words, a common misconception.

Dyslexia Australia’s Definition:

Dyslexia is the capacity to process information differently, enabling innovative thought and perception. It is characterised by a visual and experiential learning style. Methods using this learning style allow dyslexic people to realise their capabilities and minimise the negative impact commonly developed by conventional methods. (concept by C. Fraser.  Wording by B. Baird and C. Fraser) 

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